Are you ok, hun?

Before I start, I just want to thank my good friend Johnny for encouraging me to write this blog! This is also a disclaimer in case it’s shit, it wasn’t my idea. 

I’m a 30 something year old woman, and I’m going to be writing about mental health problems, specifically my shit show of a life and how living with depression has affected  me and my relationships. It might be complete and utter bollocks, in which case we’ll blame Johnny (hence the previous disclaimer). 
I’m going to remain anonymous, at least in the beginning. The reason for this is simple; mental health problems carry a stigma and I’m actually very anxious about who may read this (if anyone) and how the things I write may be perceived. Anxiety is a complete and utter bitch (my observations on mental health within the blog will be more profound than that, I’m sure of it). 
This blog is for me, it’s therapy. It’s about me, so please don’t be offended by any of the language I use (I mean in regards to mental health, not the swearing). These are my experiences, my reality, my views, my inappropriate humour. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, just stop reading! Bella xx

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